“Body Time Gives You EVERYTHING 
YOU NEED To Lose Weight, Build Muscles, AND Stop Overweight AND Live Healthy AND Wealthy Forever!”
(Without Exercising daily and Wasting Your Time at GYM!)
What is EMS and does it really work?
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What If It's Not Your Fault?

That you don't lose weight?

Have you ever started a diet or a weight loss program just to find yourself giving up a few days later? Have you released weight before, only to find out weeks, months or years later that you have gained it all back with interest?

Have you been endlessly trying to adopt a healthy & energetic lifestyle yet struggled to finding the key to balance it all.

What if it was not your fault that you are overweight, underweight or obese? What if you realize that the situation that you are in is because you do not really know what you do not know?

Many of our actions and the failure to see measurable results are amongst the many reasons why most people simply do not release weight.

We understand that all the fad diets and zero foods can not stop the recurring yo-yo dieting effects. At Body Time we help you become aware of the reasons behind these failures and help you ensure they become part of your history.


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Training is just 5%!!!

of the weight loss!!

Yes you hear it RIGHT! 
Training / Workout whatever Sport YOU WILL DO is just 5% of the results! What Means That? 

This mean simply that it is a LIE!!! That exercising help you lose weight! At Body Time we show you how you can lose weight even without exercising at all! 

WHY? Simple!

Because there are other 95% that matters the most AND on what nobody focus! And thats not eating healthy, eating rabbit food and starving! Giving up the food you love and so on!

It's totally simple and its not your fault that you don't lose weight till now and still don't will lose weight if you don't start applying this simple technics that unlock your potential to get your dream body without struggle for lifetime and not temporary!!!

So the question is NOW! What do you want? 

Sweating working out struggling without losing weight and most probably putting double back as usual due to the YoYo effect? Or you wanna make the change to your dream body now without exercising daily and giving up the food you love? 

P.S. At Body Time we don't do just EMS Workouts because EMS is just a minor part of the 5% we focus on the rest major part the 95% to reach 100% powerful and amazing remarkable reasons in time record! 

What You Can Expect?

A scientific proven method over 9 weeks that will transform your body in a 24 / 7 fat burn machine that helps you losing 1 Kg per week what mean 9 Kg in 9 Weeks and 52 Kg in one year if you have that much body fat :))


Very simple! It's a scientific proven method the MotivatedFit Method developed by our CEO Norbert Simonis over a 30+ years experience with incredible success on 1000 of clients! We do all of this step by step over 9 weeks!  But explaining here in written will take you hours :))) so if you wanna know more what are you waiting for? Book Now your first free consultation that you don't miss it its totaly free and watch meanwhile the FREE: "7 Day Free Tour with our CEO here!
To Your Success
Norbert Simonis
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